After receiving the files in your mailbox, you might have to UnZip the files. This can, simply be done by left clicking on the (ZIP) file…. or download:
7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for OSX

– How many Copies can I print?

You can print as many copies as you need for your own choir or vocal group. However, you have no licence to distribute copies of either the sheet music or the karaoke MP3s to other choirs or vocal groups.

All arrangements can be performed and recorded as required, by the choir or vocal group buying the arrangements.

– What does SATB mean?

SATB stands for Soprano. Alto, Tenor, Bass. (Soprano & Alto are female voices – Tenor & Bass are male voices)

– Can I edit or re-arrange Covers for Choirs arrangements?
It is not permitted to re-arrange Choirs Jewels arrangements unless express permission has been requested and granted by Covers for Choirs – MusaDition.

– Do I own Covers for Choirs arrangements after I have bought them?

No, the musical arrangements as such remain the property of Covers for Choirs – Musadition. You simply purchase the right to use them for your choir or vocal group.

– Four-part vocal score (SATB)?

Covers for Choirs arrangements are always written for four-part mixed choir, sometimes with small solos for individual voice sections or several sections singing in unison (each voice singing the same melody line), but the setting as such is always in four parts.

– What about thePiano MP3?

 This is a piano solo part (without the vocal parts), which can be used as a practice MP3 or when there is no pianist available.

It does not contain a so-called click track ( a metronome pulse to synchronise the piano track and the live voices).
A metronome pulse would not be helpful if the piano solo MP3 is used for choir rehearsals or live performances.

– Wat are the bonus practice MP3s?

These MP3’s integrate the piano score and one of the four choral parts in a MIDI format (i.e. not a sung voice recording).

– Why do the MP3s not have sung voice tracks?

While this may be the preferred option for the practice MP3s, it would make an arrangement much more expensive. We opted for a MIDI format to keep prices affordable.

– About the video clip?
The possible link to the video clip on the Choirs Jewels product page, plays back the original aria or music.

– No additional sample pages?
We regret that we cannot provide additional sample pages. Arrangements frequently comprise only 2 or 3 pages, which means we would be giving out almost the full score in sample pages.

– What happens after I have paid?
After the payment is completed, you will receive a download link which allows you to immediately download the files you have purchased.
– The download link will expire after 90 days!

– Level of difficulty of our choral arrangements?

1 – easy
2 – medium
3 – medium difficult
4 – difficult

– If anything goes wrong
send an email to info@coversforchoirs.com

Covers for Choirs wishes you an enjoyable singing experience!