- Frequently Asked Questions -

- Frequently Asked Questions -

- How many copies are allowed? -

As many copies as needed for one's own choir or vocal ensemble

are allowed.

It is not allowed (forbidden) to use these copies for another choir or 

vocal ensemble. 


- What is the contents of the sing-along MP3's? -

The sing-along MP3's consist of the piano part with one of the choir 

voices for example: piano and soprano.

The soprano is a so-called MIDI-sound and meant to practice the

Vocal line,  so it has no live coverage. 


- What is a piano-karaoke MP3? -

The piano-karaoke MP3 is of a better quality than the sing-along MP3's.

This MP3 has only the piano part from the cover and can be used,

for example, if there is no piano-player available.



- What happens after paying? -

After paying by credit card , a link is sended to the given e-mail address.

By opening this link both the written music and MP3' can downloaded

on your computer.

- Are all covers tested on feasibility? -

All covers are tested on feasibility and an average amateur choir

or vocal ensemble must be able to sing the covers.



- Is it possible to buy only the MP3's? -

No, they belong to the package of the sheetmusic.



- Does the cover follow the YouTube movie exactly? -

Basicly it does. However, if nescessary, a small adjusment has

been made.

For example if a song ends with a fade-out (slowly turning

down the volume at the end of a song), this will be adjusted

for live-performance.



- What does SATB means? -

S.A.T.B. means Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voice;

being the standard parties in a mixed choir or vocal ensemble.



- Are the payments secured? -

Yes, all payments are run by Gumroad.com witch is a very safe https provider



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